ADVANTICS - Boston Scientic


The goal for this project was to produce a video that showcased the partnership between Boston Scientific and the Peter Munk Cardiac Center and how their newly acquired ADVANTICS software helped facilitate the connection. This was done largely through talking head interviews with some meaningful statistics called out. B-roll footage of specific hospital activities helped tie it altogether. Editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro, animation in Adobe After Effects, and audio editing and mixing in Adobe Audition.


  • video
  • animation
  • audio

Boston Scientific ADVANTICS video

Video Stills

Bsc Adv Still Intro
Bsc Adv Still Overgaard Interview
Bsc Adv Still Intro
Bsc Adv Still Stat2
Bsc Adv Still Stat3
Bsc Adv Still Difference
Bsc Adv Still End